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Happy Testimonials

"Spotless Gutter Cleaning Perth sure know how to make gutters spotless. I poked my head up after they had finished and I didn’t see one piece f dirt, leaf or grime in there at all. They basically look brand new, so definitely some excellent work."

Jordan Wood

"Not only did they clean my gutters, they also repaired a couple of broken tiles for me and gave me a report on my overall roof condition at no extra charge. To me that is quality service and I am very satisfied."

Steven Parker

"My husband normally cleans our gutters, but since he is away at the moment I called up this business to do it for us both and what a job they did. It was done in about half the time, and produced twice the result. We will always be using them from now on."

Renae Harmer

"After calling around several companies, Spotless Gutter Cleaning Perth weren’t only the greatest value for money, but they were also the friendliest and most helpful over the phone. I felt very confident from the beginning that they were right for the job."

Brian Smith

"We just had our gutters cleaned and they look superb. In addition they were also kind enough to make some minor repairs to one of our downpipe connections to the gutter at no additional cost.I would recommend them to anyone after spotless gutters."

Beth Harloon

"We have used this team of gutter cleaners every year for several years now and each time working with them has been fantastic. They are always on time and always get the job done efficiently. Hence why we continue to use them. Thanks again."

Callum Phillip

"Fast, polite, and easy to work with."

Ben Levine

"I called these guys, and they fixed everything without a hitch."

Peter James

"I saw this huge water stain on my ceiling late last year. I knew it was going to be a problem, so I called some guys over to fix it. When they figured out what caused it, I called Spotless Gutter Cleaning.

Danielle Baker

Sure, it was a rough time of year, but they got the job done. It took a lot of work, but I'm glad that it worked out. They gave me a good price despite all the trouble, and if this ever happens again, I know who I'm calling."

Danielle Baker

"I've had some slow people do work on my gutters, but these guys are fast. They got in and got out so fast; I almost didn't notice them work."

Darren Shaw

"These guys did a fantastic job; better than James Cleaning did, that's for sure. I'll be in touch with you guys regularly."

Frank Nelson

"At first, I was sceptical about the whole gutter cleaning thing. I was until I saw that huge stain on my ceiling and realised it was about one bad rainy day away from falling apart.

Sophie Warner

I called these guys in and, sure enough, they found my gutters clogged with leaves and debris. They cleared it out and recommended some contractors to fix the damaged timbers. And they helped me figure out a better maintenance schedule, so it doesn't happen again! Thanks, guys!"

Sophie Warner

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