High Pressure Cleaning

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High Pressure Cleaning

One of the best, fastest ways to clear a clogged gutter is to use a high-pressure cleaning service.

In conjunction with a gutter vac, high-pressure cleaning is a safe, effective way to clear your gutters of debris.

The use of high-pressure technologies relies on environmentally-sound practices and efficiency. The tools and techniques are used only on tough, resistant problem areas, to avoid damaging the structure or the gutters themselves.

Here are some of the high-pressure cleaning services we provide:

spotless gutter cleaning perth
  • Washing down of external cladding on industrial units
  • Removal of grease
  • Sanitising and disinfecting agricultural sheds and exterior structures
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Stripping off paint
  • Bat cleaning
  • Removal of oil, grease, and diesel stains
  • Cleaning after fire or smoke damage

Our team brings years of experience to the table, ensuring only the best gutter vac and high-pressure cleaning possible. We work with all of the right equipment, including safety harness kits. We have all the appropriate certifications and training, as well as the requisite insurance.

Naturally, we adhere to all Australian and international standard for work safety.

Here are just some of the locations that we have to provide high pressure cleaning for:

  • Residential properties and homes
  • Shopping complexes
  • Schools, universities, and colleges
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses and workshop areas
  • Public transport depots
  • Restaurants, bars, and clubs
  • Stadiums and arenas

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