Cleaning gutters can be challenging. From a logistics perspective, they’re high up, so you need a stable way of getting to the top. Some sections are closed, which can make cleaning a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Then there are clogs.

Sometimes, clogs are easy. You can remove the problem by hand. Other times, they’re in the enclosed sections or require pressure cleaning Perth to get the job done.

With that in mind, what are the sources of clogs for gutters? Which ones are more likely to make you need pressure cleaning Perth to get the job done?

Leaves will likely be the most common reason for a clog. This is especially true if you have trees in the area and if there are branches that overhang your house. Pruning the branches or removing the trees altogether might be a good choice because the leaves tend to clump together over time.

Birds can be a nuisance, too.

They tend to use various materials for nest building, and your gutters are an accessible source. This can be a problem because some of them might just make their nest there. Squirrels and other small animals might do the same thing. You’ll want to call both animal control and the cleaning crew for this.

Weeds don’t often make it that high up, but when they do, they can proliferate rapidly.

Gutters provide moisture and the occasional material that can help weeds grow. Most types don’t find ways to get that high, but some can crawl up the downspout and become an issue that way. Blasting them with powerful cleaning tools removes them handily and quickly.

Animals also tend to leave muck, sludge, and other materials. There might even be carcasses.

Pressure cleaning might be able to push through any blocks these cause. They’re also safer than doing it by hand if you’re looking to avoid contamination. All of this material, if left there long enough, just breaks into a black mess of rotted material. If you have a compost pile, it’s good.

Otherwise, you want it broken down with high-pressure spray so your gutters can flow freely. From there, prevention is your best friend.

Most gutters won’t need high-pressure cleaning more than once every few years. This assumes you do regular maintenance, keeping anything from becoming too big of a problem. If you don’t do this, then you’re going to need professional cleaning more often.

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