An old legend says that the courts of the Chinese emperors long ago lost sight of the importance of the Great Wall because it was doing such a good job. Without any barbarian incursions, it was deemed pointless. A problem like this can arise for spotless gutter cleaning.

A sad truth is that sometimes when something is doing its job, we don’t notice. When something isn’t noticed, we forget how important it is and neglect it.

Well, let’s help curtail that tendency. Let’s break down the dangers that come with ignoring the need for a good spotless gutter cleaning. It’s not as bad as the Mongols coming in to loot and pillage your home, but it’s still pretty bad.

Pests, Pests, and More Pests

One of the reasons is a pest infestation. You want to prevent this, as much as you can.

Pests can do more than just clog up a gutter by making a nest. They can also leave droppings and other potential hazards. They can decide your home might make a good extension to their lair. Some pests, like termites, might even make a meal of your home’s structure.

Apart from these, furry pests are also possible. Possums in the attic and rats in the basement aren’t adverse to making their home near or in damaged gutters.

Birds are also going to like the real estate clogged or dirty gutter providers.

A clogged gutter leads to wet, cosy conditions that attract birds of various sorts. Combined with the debris that piles up that they can use for nests, and you’ve provided them with the feathery equivalent of a five-star hotel.

If the gutters become blocked, bugs are going to make a habit of living there. The piled up moisture will eventually spread to the home or foundation, and that invites all sorts of problems. Puddles can call up mosquitoes. Moisture in the walls or foundation call to termites.

Hornets and wasps might decide it’s a good spot to make a hive. That brings with it a whole other set of problems and risks.

All of these pests making your home their own can be tackled by just making sure to get the gutters cleaned regularly. Once or twice a year is good. A single regular cleaning, with an extra one during the months where debris tends to clog.

Call for Professionals

You could do it yourself, but that’s not advisable. The risk of falling is a good incentive to hire professionals like us, who also have special tools that can make it easier.