Nobody wants to clean gutters. It’s a task that doesn’t have a lot going for it, which explains why gutter cleaning Perth is a viable business venture.

Consider this for a moment. Gutters are high up, so you’re going to need a ladder to get there. You’ll want it to be stable, so it doesn’t lose balance and you end up crashing to the ground and getting hurt. It has to be done on a sunny day so you’re not getting wet. You also have to manually clean any clogs.

Put all that together and it’s a task more than more people would rather not do themselves. A few might not even consider how important it is for their home maintenance.

First, let’s break down why cleaning those old gutters is important.

With a clean gutter, you avoid the water clogging and stagnating in one area. By avoiding this, you make sure you’re not subjected to the myriad problems associated with water damage. You’re reducing the risk of damage to your foundations, roof, and walls.

You’re also reducing your risk of mould and mildew. These are huge concerns.

With all that in mind, how often should the gutters be cleaned? Let’s break down the process that leads us to a reasonable answer.

First, you’ll want to mitigate water-related issues. That means keeping the gutters clean no matter the time of year. After all, there’s never a time of year when there’s nothing that might get clogged in those pipes. So you want to check regularly and more than once a year.

Depending on the season, you might want to clean more or less often. In spring, it’s usually good to do a single big cleaning and maintenance check. This is to see if any damage occurred over the winter that needs addressing.

In the fall, the gutters should be cleaned more than once. Debris tends to pile up more often during that period, so the frequency of maintenance should keep pace.

Now, this sounds like a bit expensive. That’s a cleaning four times a year at minimum, potentially more. However, think of it as an investment.

By preventing water damage and stains, you reduce the upkeep costs. You also eliminate the problem of having to renovate because of water damage. This includes the exorbitant prices paid for things like fixing a problem in a foundation or removing mould and mildew.

Overall, yes regularly scheduled gutter cleaning can be pricey. However, it’s a lot cheaper than repairs.

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